Tracy Clark’s take on 15 news aggregation apps: Part 3

NewsRepublic NewsRepublic was founded in 2008 by CEO Gilles Raymond. In March 2012 it received a Series A $3 million investment and in October 2013 it received a Series B $6 million VC funding. As explained on an earlier version of their site, “NewsRepublic is a global news app that lets you be your own … Continued

Futures Lab update #40: News tailored for mobile platforms

This week we bring you three examples of how news is being reengineered for people on the go. PART 1: Circa The mobile app Circa has received a lot of attention for its effort to redefine the experience of keeping up with the news via smartphone. The operation is half newsroom and half tech start-up … Continued

Circa app adds breaking news alerts

Breaking news alerts are among the key features of Circa News 2, the latest update to the mobile news startup. Released last week, the feature is also included in Circa’s new Android app. Circa launched in October 2012 as an app on iOS devices and identifies itself as a news source that delivers news in … Continued