Looking at a photographic image from another point of view: Yours

Good writers can conjure a vivid image in our minds with just words. But journalists also have long relied on illustrations, photographs and videos to enrich a story. Photographs and, by extension, videos have an important limitation. The story is told from one point of view – that of the photographer. The photographer structures our … Continued

Columbia Missourian covers True/False Film Fest using 3-D imaging

The Columbia Missourian took a new tack on “in-depth journalism” by offering its readers 3-D images of costumed participants in the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri. Missourian photographer Mike Krebs used a Structure Sensor 3-D scanner from the MU3D project to create detailed images of festival participants just before the event and then shot … Continued

Exploring the norms: A 3-D project for journalists

I’ve been through twin-lens reflex cameras, meterless Nikons, underwater rigs, digital wonders and mobile phone cameras. But I’ve never been so frustrated as my first experience with 3-D. That shouldn’t be — and we are working to make sure it never is for other journalists. The addition of depth makes 3-D cameras violate many of … Continued