Traditional news media still popular with users of mobile media

2015 RJI Mobile Media Research Report 2 Majority of smartphone owners say they frequently get news from television and-or printed newspapers Updated March 9, 2016 Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of U.S. adults who owned smartphones said they got news and information frequently or very frequently from at least one traditional media source — television news … Continued

Need for speed 2: Newspaper data diving, metrics and methodologies

Welcome to the weeds, fellow bit-twisters and data divers. We can chat here without worrying about the numeracy nonbelievers. This post details the methodologies used in “Need for speed 1: Newspaper load times give ‘slow news days’ new meaning.” First, you and I both know “load time” is a fickle metric, completely dependent on the … Continued

Newspapers’ mobile products have two distinctly different audiences

2013 RJI Mobile Media Research Report 6 This report focuses on the use of media tablets and smartphones by newspaper subscribers and non-subscribers. While newspaper subscribers differed from non-subscribers in most demographic categories, age was the most significant. Our findings revealed how the high percentage of subscribers aged 55 or older and low percentage aged … Continued