Stacey Woelfel is RJI’s new drone director

Stacey Woelfel, a professor at the Missouri School of Journalism and the director of the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, will be adding some new oversight duties to his portfolio as RJI’s new Director of Aerial Journalism. In this role, he’ll be overseeing the institute’s four-drone fleet, teaching a drone-flying class in the … Continued

Listening to the audience is key to improving immersive 360/VR experiences

When I started my residential fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute 10 months ago, I wanted to investigate how 360/VR content creators could better put the audience at the center of our production process so that immersive journalism, and immersive technology in general, may reach its full potential. One of the biggest obstacles … Continued

Rural teens seek (but rarely find) themselves in local news coverage

Gedron final reportDownload There is a heightened interest in what goes on in the heads and hearts of modern teenagers — dubbed “Generation Z” (Gen Z) — particularly by legacy media. But teenagers from rural communities, especially in the Midwest, are not often factored into mainstream Gen Z coverage. This can be attributed to a … Continued

Short Takes: Building baseball excitement for a town without a team

Danny Stewart Short Takes is an occasional series that captures interesting work by Missouri School of Journalism students. With social media, instantaneity is king. How do you develop an online audience for a baseball team in a new city that isn’t playing there until 2021? Throughout the 2018 Minor League Baseball season, it was heavily … Continued