Underserved health beat leads fellow to create niche news network

When traditional news organizations begin laying off beat reporters, crucial community coverage can take a hit. Health is one beat that is underserved in almost every community. People want to understand why so much money is spent on healthcare every year and why there are so many health problems in communities, said Jane Stevens, ACESTooHigh.com … Continued

WellCommons: Revolution under the radar

Last week, WellCommons.com, a local health news site, part of the Lawrence Journal-World in Lawrence, KS, won Editor & Publisher’s EPPY award for “Best Community Service on a Media-Affiliated Website with under 250,000 unique monthly visitors”. Thank you, judges! Since there wasn’t an article about the winners, just a list, I’ll explain why we nominated … Continued

Prototype to revenue stream: Reynolds Fellow starts multiple social journalism sites based on fellow

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to big ideas once they leave the Reynolds Journalism Institute, check out 2008-2009 Reynolds Fellow Jane Stevens’ update below. She has taken the knowledge gained from her fellowship project, Niche News Network, and created successful social journalism websites in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s been an amazing, nonstop, jam-packed two years … Continued