FL#169: Building a 360 toolkit

Building a 360-degree toolkit

Journalists are routinely using virtual reality and 360 video to put viewers in places they wouldn’t otherwise be. But for smaller newsrooms with modest budgets, 360-degree video can seem out of reach.

Shaheryar Popalzai, a Knight International Journalism Fellow, says building a 360 video toolkit is easier and cheaper than you might think. He offers affordable recommendations for assembling a basic 360 toolkit.

Reporting by Ashton Day

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Shaheryar Popalzai wrote a piece for the International Center for Journalists about how Pakistan’s Express Tribune produced its first 360-degree video. Popalzai also made an infographic guide to making your first 360 project.

Ben Kreimer, a BuzzFeed Open Lab fellow, wrote about assembling a 360 kit, specifically using GoPro cameras and a drone. Kreimer was also featured in a previous Futures Lab update about how he captures 360-degree drone video for BuzzFeed.

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