PAYWALL/CHARGING: NYTimes CEO’s audio interview comments at the World Editor’s Forum, Hamburg

Here is New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson at the World Editor’s Forum, Hamburg, Germany, Oct. 7, 2010, as posted by EditorsWebLog reporter/editor Emma Heald at:

This is the full text of the audio clip, starting after Robinson’s comments about The Times of London’s paywall. It’s clear there are a few edits between sentences and one place where another voice is heard, presumably the interviewer, although the posting by Heald doesn’t say who conducted what’s labeled a “private interview.”

ROBINSON: “. . . . [W]e have spent two years preparing for our metered model and I think the way we feel about the metered model — it stills allows us to be part of the open web ecosystem. And in light of that people of course as I noted can come into the site and enjoy free content before they are asked to pay, to become a paid subscriber. I’m not sure whether the Times of London did that. And I don’t think you enter into a paid model business like we are entering into without really doing careful research and then really making sure that you understand how your consumer interacts with your content.

I wouldn’t advise anyone in that audience to go to a paid model until they do their homework, until they really think through what they need to do. So if there are people that are contemplating moving to a paid model, and I think more people will as people gain more courage in regard to people changing their habits about buying news and information on the web, I would advise them very, very expansively make sure they look at what they need to do to prepare and that means talking to your readers.

There’s every reason to see that there is a behavior change in the consumer when indeed you have a service that centers around news and information. When indeed that’s beginning to change I do think people are going to be more open to paying for the content that richly deserves to be paid for. What we now want, though is to have that be a paid app so that when we go to hte paid model next year, that app will be paid for. You are also going to see a Boston Globe app, gonna see an IHT app, you’re going to see an OHT navigator. That’s will be coming in the fall, in the November time frame, as well.

So we have plans to do many more applications that we think will be of great service to the reader. You can buy the app separately, but we are going to bundle many of our products together. So if you are home-delivery subscriber and you would like an iPhone app as part of the bundle you will have that opportunity pay for it that way. We’ll have all-digital access so you can have the website, the iPad app, the iPhone app, Kindle, any combination thereof.

That’s what we’re working on right now. So I would say in early December you are going to see the full explanation in regard to the meter, full explanation with regard to the pricing and full explanation in regard to . . . . ” (recording cuts off).


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