Changing media landscape adds yet another challenge to archivists of born-digital news content

On Nov. 2, just shy of the yearlong anniversary of his presidential victory, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account seemingly dissolved into history. For a fascinating and exhilarating 11 minutes, murmurs and conspiracy theories swept the internet: Was it a technological glitch? Had President Trump deleted his own account? Or had Twitter interpreted Trump’s digital demands … Continued

Jennifer Younger: Lightning rounds: Digital preservation: Aggregated, collaborative, Catholic

Scroll to view transcript JENNIFER YOUNGER: [00:07] Thank you, Ed. It’s great to be here. I’m here on behalf of our many stakeholders, our partners, our members, advisors and, of course, founders. What’s fascinating is our work and our project has been a collaboration right from the beginning. Our partners and stakeholders, they know what … Continued

Katherine Boss: Lightning rounds: Challenges facing preservation of born-digital news applications

Scroll to view transcript KATY BOSS: [00:08] Hi everybody. You guys probably remember me from yesterday, but I'll do quick introductions again. I'm Katy Boss. I'm at the New York University Libraries, librarian for journalism, media culture and communication. My two co-authors on this project are Eva Revear and Meredith Broussard, who you guys heard from earlier in the news apps panel; both are at … Continued