Discovering how readers perceive photos and video

The main questions bouncing around my educator’s noggin for the last couple of decades have been about how visuals resonate with audiences — what draws a person’s attention, helps them to parse information, to understand and remember? My goal with this RJI project is to create practical materials to help small newsrooms and non-profit organizations … Continued

Interactive experiences: personalization and revisit value

For this Innovation in Focus, we spoke with Financial Times Data Reporter, David Blood, and Senior Developer, Ændrew Rininsland, to learn about how their interactive work has progressed, lessons learned, and see where they’re headed next. Greenway: How did you get started with interactive experiences? Rininsland: I’m a life-long web nerd and have been building web pages … Continued

Strategic campaign structure helps news organizations grow revenue, partners and audience

Campaigns can help news organizations build revenue through sponsorships, grow general brand awareness and cultivate a specific niche audience. Earlier this summer, I shared tips on how to craft a strategic sponsorship campaign with members of the Institute for Nonprofit News at its annual conference, INNDAYS2019 in Houston. My presentation, which goes into more detail … Continued