Block by Block: Imagining the sequel(s)

The online community news leaders and their shared passion for local news was the most impressive part of Block by Block: Community News Summit 2010. More impressive — and challenging — is where local editors and publishers take it from here. A big tip of the hat to online publishers, including Susan Mernit, Andre Natta … Continued

CityCamp Chicago: An exciting mashup of geeks and wonks

CityCamp in Chicago this past weekend brought together a fascinating mix of techies and local government officials who are part of the Gov 2.0 movement that seeks to use new digital tools to engage and empower citizens while making government more effective and transparent. Many of the government folks were newsbies trying to find out … Continued

Exploring Government 2.0

I’m excited about the potential of Government 2.0, a growing movement to use the Internet to improve government practices and make government more transparent and participatory. Here’s what organizers of last fall’s Gov 2.0 summit say: “Over the past fifteen years, the rise of the World Wide Web has resulted in remarkable new possibilities and … Continued