Blueprinting the information valet economy

Building the collaborative, shared-user network

A senior level strategy session combined with a public symposium designed to blueprint the law, ownership-management, marketing and technology of a shared-network for user centric demographics, privacy protected purchasing and advertising exchange and compensation.

Two levels of participation

Member/collaborators – enterprise partners, institutions, individuals, donors or foundations who are likely to play a key role in forming the Information Valet Service Corp.

General participants – registration is open to the public.

Topics of Discussion

  1. Transferring value — a shared-user network The technologists would call this federated authentication coupled with a four-party commerce network.  We’re calling it the Information Valet Project.  The Internet needs additional infrastructure which will update the role and effectiveness of advertising, enhance consumer privacy options, and enable the sharing of information commerce among publishers, producers and artists.
  2. Taking charge of disruption If you are a senior executive or strategist in the news, telecommunications, wireless, technology, health care, financial service or entertainment business, we urge you to joining us.  Because the Information Valet Project could change your business in ways you haven’t imagined.  For once, it’s your chance to shape disruption to your advantage — before it occurs.

Bill Densmore talks about the event

“The U.S. news industry is struggling, and advertising’s double-digit growth has evaporated,” says Bill Densmore who is spearheading the event. “The industry needs to rethink and relaunch its relationship with 50 million customers — to become their ‘Information Valet.’ Consumers want a customized experience,” he explains. “But they want control. They want to be compensated for use of demographic and usage profiles.”

“What we need is a user-focused system for sharing identity and for exchanging and settling value (including payments) for digital information. A system that will allow multiple Information Valets to compete for and serve customers with an array of interests as well as various appetites for demographic sharing.”

The Information Valet will allow the industry to make money whether users are buying services (including music and entertainment or being paid for online contact with sponsored messages and advertising.

If your business (or your passion) is:

  • News
  • Advertising
  • information commerce
  • technology
  • entertainment
  • health care
  • financial services
  • privacy
  • personalization

“Don’t miss the chance to help shape the next Internet innovation,” says Densmore. “The Information Valet Project could change your business in ways you haven’t imagined. For once it’s your chance to shape disruption to your advantage.”


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