FL#166: CNN’s approach to Snapchat

CNN on Snapchat

Most news organizations have limited functionality within Snapchat. But as one of the Snapchat Discover partners, CNN can offer multi-part news updates that are available to all Snapchat users. We talked with Ashley Codianni, director of social publishing, about how CNN hopes its effort on the platform will create a constant news habit among young people who don’t follow traditional channels.
Reporting by Mitchel Summers, Jon Doty and Sarah Sabatke

For more information:

  • CNN published an interactive called Year in Snaps, which showcases the variety of content the organization posted on Snapchat throughout 2015.
  • During this year’s primary season, CNN interviewed Democratic and Republican presidential contenders specifically for Snapchat.
  • According to CNN head of social media Samantha Barry, themed editions do particularly well for their audience, specifically a marijuana edition on April 20, 2015, and political content. “There’s a lot of experimenting,” Barry told the International Business Times. “The first time we put a 15-minute video on Snapchat we weren’t sure if people would watch the whole thing.” But, she said, they did.
  • CNN delivers most of its Snapchat content through its Discover channel.

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