INSIGHT: From Paul Gillin — Curation’s growing value

*Paul Gillin’s Social Media Report*
*March 4, 2010*


“Curation is an increasingly important part of the information value chain . . . Trusted curators who point us to the most valuable sources of information for our interests will become the new power brokers. Matt Drudge figured this out many years ago . . . .

“Marketers should take this trend into account. Creating new content is important, but an equally valuable service is curating content from other sources. This demands a whole different set of skills as well as a new delivery channel. It also means ditching the “not invented here” mindset that prevents content creators from acknowledging those sources.

“In a cacophony of voices, the leader is the one who can make sense of the din. That’s a role that any editor — or business — can play.”


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