Infographics: Tips and Tools

Infographic building is a skill that some of us just don’t have. If you have the time, you could learn to use Adobe After Effects or if you have the budget, hire someone who is a pro. But if you’re like us and had to dive in with no experience, here are a few tools that can … Continued

Infographics: Explaining the ADHD brain

Student Megan Smith used visual thinking to build infographics to explain how the ADHD brain functions. Watch our next segment with Ross Crooks, Column Five Media Co-Founder, about how to build strong inforgraphics to tell stories.

Mobile long-form journalism: The future is (even more) visual

Three RJI Research Scholars spent the past year studying the effectiveness and sustainability of long-form digital journalism. This is the fifth in a five-part series based on 53 interviews with millennials to gauge this audience’s reception to long-form journalism delivered on mobile platforms.

RJI Fellow alumnus leads team launching new social debate application

Team members behind a newly launched social debate application didn’t believe people had an adequate place online to share opinions about the latest news events and gauge support for their views. This led Advance Digital’s incubator Alpha Group to create The Tylt, which lets people vote on news topics such as Apple’s refusal to unlock … Continued