Unholy alliances, superheroes and the ‘drunken walk’

A not-so-subtle theme kept cropping up this week at the Collaboration Culture Symposium (#rjicollab) at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute: a superhero theme. Speakers conjured up images of caped crusaders in search of new alliances to fight the evils that have befallen The Fourth Estate. Those evils have eroded and disposed of the neophyte … Continued

Katie Hawkins-Gaar: Old Walls, New Problems: Collaboration at Poynter

Katie Hawkins-Gaar, The Poynter Institute Katie Hawkins-Gaar is a member of the digital innovation faculty at The Poynter Institute, where she teaches journalists, stays on top of industry trends and geeks out about newsrooms testing new and exciting ideas. She is on a quest to prove that newsrooms don’t have to be unhappy places. Before joining Poynter, Hawkins-Gaar was … Continued