Jane Stevens’ report after the launch event: ‘With crisis comes opportunity…’

More than 100 journalists, advertising experts, community activists, technology experts, librarians, educators and students gathered — from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii, in person and virtually — for an RJI Talkfest to launch the RJI Collaboratory, a news organization incubator for Web-based entrepreneurial journalists. As the first example of how the RJI Collaboratory plans to be … Continued

Incubating a collaboratory

Journalists, entrepreneurs, academics, and experts from the worlds of technology and business will gather on January 21, 2009 at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute for a one-day Talkfest called “Putting Feet on the Streets for Journalism.” The participants’ challenge: to develop plans for the RJI Collaboratory, a news organization incubator. This is why: In … Continued