The Common Reader: A quirky corner on the internet

Dutch graduate students visited four U.S. journalism startups between December 2015 and February 2016 to observe how these entrepreneurs “make it work” and, in the process, redefine what it means to be a journalist. Their work is part of Beyond Journalism, a study of entrepreneurial journalism by 2015-2016 RJI Fellows Tamara Witschge and Mark Deuze, both journalism professors in the Netherlands.

FL#167: 4 tips for embracing startup culture in newsrooms

4 tips for fostering innovation through startup culture In recent years, the newspaper industry has suffered a series of blows — from consolidation to a shrinking workforce to declining ad revenues. But with these setbacks comes the opportunity for innovation and growth. McClatchy is one company that’s embraced that opportunity. We sat down with Andrew … Continued

Stephanie Padgett: Mid-year report

In search of opportunities for small to mid-sized newspapers to increase revenue from online content, I have arrived at three critical factors that I believe will lead to success: Identify natural segments within a newspaper site that will have strong appeal to local and/or regional advertisers and create a plan to develop strategies for serving … Continued

Behavioral targeting

Advertising leaders visited RJI on Oct. 14 to talk to professors and students about the importance of ethical advertising. Wally Snyder moderated the discussion with Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of AOL part of the panel. The panel discussed proposed ethical principles to enhance ethics in the advertising industry. Reynolds Fellow Stephanie Padgett discusses the … Continued

In his own words: A selection of Matt Thompson’s blog entries Part 2

The W-bomb Sept. 22, 2008 You can’t tell from my blogging, but I’ve gotten rather sensitive about the word “Wikipedia.” Earlier this year, after I’d written my research proposal, I was casting about for a title to communicate the core concept I hoped to pursue. I recalled a whitepaper by Shayne Bowman, Ellen Kampinsky and … Continued