3D AR Modeling: Experience the old Academic Hall at Mizzou

by Hunter Pendleton, University of Missouri student

Click above to see the 3D model through Instagram 

Academic Hall, one of University of Missouri’s most iconic landmarks, stood for only 53 years before it burned to the ground, leaving only six columns which have stood the test of time. In its place, the University of Missouri constructed Jesse Hall which progressed into the institution we know today.

This week for our Innovation in Focus series, you can rediscover the 1800s Academic Hall by experiencing it in a new way! We created a 3D augmented reality model of it for you to experience through facebook or instagram. To use this technology, walk to the northern-most area of the University of Missouri quad (directly adjacent to the circle drive). Click on this link for instagram or this one for facebook and after downloading, line up the columns on your screen with the columns on the quad. Next, press once on your screen and – voila! You’re now seeing an approximate estimation of what Academic Hall looked like back in the 1800’s, converted to all MU black and gold.

Next week: Q&A with Ray Soto, Director of Emerging Technology at the USA Today network

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