Changing media landscape adds yet another challenge to archivists of born-digital news content

On Nov. 2, just shy of the yearlong anniversary of his presidential victory, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account seemingly dissolved into history. For a fascinating and exhilarating 11 minutes, murmurs and conspiracy theories swept the internet: Was it a technological glitch? Had President Trump deleted his own account? Or had Twitter interpreted Trump’s digital demands … Continued

Coming 2017: the Trump-O-Meter

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One more time with feeling: A new way to look at the presidential debates

With apologies to gone-viral Ken Bone, most Americans have decided who they’ll be voting for on Nov. 8. Some have already cast their vote. Therefore, this year’s three presidential debates may be more for show than substance. It’s probably also fair to say that most folks who watched the first two debates viewed the responses … Continued