RJI Fellowship delivers digital services to publishers for local businesses

Individuals or organizations can apply for 2018-19 fellowships at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute through Jan. 31. During the application season, we will publish Q&As with a few of our past fellows to find out how the fellowships benefited their organizations and what advice they have for applicants.

There are three types of fellowships: institutional, nonresidential and residential. Learn more by visiting RJI Fellowships.

RiskMiner: An app for agribusiness

“Risk to the community, to people and to our food and fuel systems. We’re focusing strictly on agribusiness because that’s the focus of our news coverage and because it affects so much of our day to day lives.” said Pam Dempsey.

Distribution: What do you really own? What do you really want?

If content is king, then distribution are all the roads leading to, and from, the kingdom. Those used to be toll roads: A simple transaction defined by use. But today, distributed content, in its many forms, has made that transaction complex. Even confusing. Distribution isn’t just about the pipelines of ingress and regress. It’s about relationship building. In a constantly evolving distribution … Continued

InkaBinka: The news startup that’s actually a technology company

Dutch graduate students visited four U.S. journalism startups between December 2015 and February 2016 to observe how these entrepreneurs “make it work” and, in the process, redefine what it means to be a journalist. Their work is part of Beyond Journalism, a study of entrepreneurial journalism by 2015-2016 RJI Fellows Tamara Witschge and Mark Deuze, both journalism professors in the Netherlands.