Building simple data pipelines

It’s important to be able to deploy scrapers that will continue to scrape and store your data without you having to prompt them every time. For journalists looking to stay on top of COVID-19 trends, access to data from state and county health authorities is crucial. However, this data can often feel inaccessible, existing behind … Continued

How to build data capacity in your newsroom

Introducing DUG, our beta data unit guide Forget the gist of the photo up there—the one reading “data has a better idea.” I don’t buy it. (Lovely photo though, no?) Data rarely has a better idea, because data doesn’t think. People think. Sometimes data can help people think a little better. The problem is that … Continued

Wise up to Markdown

If you produce journalism for the web, Markdown was made for you Markdown is useful for journalists (and anyone who writes for the web) because it’s a reliable, open-source technology with a non-proprietary format. Copy can be written and edited once and then disseminated through multiple websites, mobile apps, etc. For example, if you were … Continued

We put data science to the test to try to uncover the mystery author of the Times’ Op-ed

Michael W. Kearney The New York Times created a national whodunit when it published an anonymous opinion piece about the Resistance Inside the Trump White House. The author was identified only as “a senior official in the Trump administration.” President Trump certainly wanted to know who it was: “If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for … Continued