Three social media takeaways for the (very) small newsroom

Anna Kohls, Courtney Manning, Collin Krabbe and Marlee Baldridge An instruction manual prepared by Missouri School of Journalism students Anna Kohls, Courtney Manning, Collin Krabbe and Marlee Baldridge for the staff of the Berkshire Edge as part of the students’ capstone project. A style guide for the Berkshire Edge’s social media efforts created by Missouri … Continued

How to hire a millennial

I suppose a first question might be: Why hire a millennial? Millennials and the generations coming up behind them are the future of news and journalism … we hope! And as an industry, we’ve not done a great job of attracting their readership and viewership. It’s time to let millennials “speak” with millennials. Recruiting smart, … Continued

When crafting your social media strategy, watch out for the curveball

Hannah Sandfield, Taylor Banks and Drew Matheiu Everything seemed to be going along quite nicely with our project to create a social media strategy for the monthly Cincinnati magazine, until it wasn’t. We then compiled research on Cincinnati Magazine’s competition and best-in-breed other city magazines, and on the social media platforms themselves and how to … Continued

Fact-checking: What’s true and false? Columbia weighs in

We interviewed residents in Columbia, Missouri, to see which claims they felt were true or false before we showed them the results of our fact-checking. Does the public feel that fact-checking websites are useful? Watch and see. And explore our fact-checker files in GitHub.  In our expert segment, we speak with Angie Holan, editor of PolitiFact, about her work and advice … Continued

May I interest you in a career in media sales?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer is a senior in the strategic communication sequence at the Missouri School of Journalism. Although written to her school peers, media salespeople or professionals considering a career in sales may enjoy her story.