What’s next for Documented Semanal, a WhatsApp newsletter

When the pandemic began, we, like many other organizations, worked quickly to respond to all of the pressing needs of our readers. Tens of thousands of NeW Yorkers were suddenly left jobless and afraid of getting sick. We knew financial relief and organizations seeking to help were out there, but many residents did not know … Continued

Local news: Filling in the future gaps

Paul Graham, the founder of tech accelerator Y Combinator, famously advises aspiring entrepreneurs to “Live in the future, then build what’s missing.” To him, the most successful founders don’t come up with startup ideas by solving the problems of today. They notice something that’s missing in the current landscape and they envision how their business … Continued

Archives: Bringing curiosity and context to content

“My advice for any reporter or photographer who wants to work with their news organization’s archives is to bring to the task exactly what you bring to your daily reporting — a sense of curiosity,” said Kori Rumore Finley of The Chicago Tribune.

Create a newsletter worth reading: Tips from the experts

Tatyana Monnay is the RJI Student Innovation Fellow at the Associated Press. This summer our student fellows will be sharing dispatches from their fellowships in newsrooms across the country for Innovation in Focus.  Newsletters can be a powerful product to add to your newsroom to inform your community and engage them in topics they care … Continued