Making Agenda Watch useful to journalists across the country

Big Local News and the Reynolds Journalism Institute will make Agenda Watch a full-featured platform for journalists, one that provides the ability to research past agendas and minutes as well as subscribe to alerts based on topics and keywords relevant to a reporter’s beat.

Q&A: Media reparations with Collette Watson

While Black Americans have held steady conversations for years on how to repair the generational harms enacted by slavery, American institutions have only recently begun to take the question of reparations seriously. Case in point: HR 40, a House bill that would simply study what reparations could look like, has still not passed the House … Continued

The insults “stupid, fat, ugly” are just another day at work

The insults that hurt the most are those that imply that Latina journalists don’t belong in the news space “I have got accustomed that they call me ugly, fat, whore, stupid Puerto Rican, the N word. I’m used to the threats that they will rape me or beat me,”says Helen Ubiñas, a Boricua born in … Continued