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The Global Press style guide browser extension moves to testing stage

And we’re creating a toolkit to help you build your own

Our style guide extension is heading into the testing stage. We’ve built out multiple features that function to help users access our style guide through the extension in an interactive and easily accessible way. 

“Ninety-nine percent of the functionality is now built. Searching, filtering, sorting, and language selection are all working now in the Chrome extension. The UX is worked out and UI design is also complete and we are in the process of implementing the layouts, and the first working version will be available for testing! It functions a little differently as it is inside an extension with less space to work with, but there is a clear consistent look and feel.” says Global Press’ product developer, Andy Neale

What it looks like to use the extension to conduct a search.

The Global Press Style Guide browser extension will replicate the best parts of a style guide web experience. This browser extension will sit on a user’s browser bar and enable users of their style guide to utilize it through the extension, rather than having to navigate to a web page. It will provide real-time access, at the user’s fingertips — as they write their stories.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first browser extension ever created for a style guide that newsrooms can use. For reporters and storytellers wanting to write with our principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Global Press Style Guide browser extension will be a tool readily available for download and use. For those wanting to build your own extension with your newsroom’s style guide, we’re going to help you do that too. 

How it looks when a term opens
How it looks when a term opens

We are creating a toolkit that your newsroom can use to replicate the browser extension for your own style guides. The toolkit will provide the open source code and share how to build your extension with the code step by step. The toolkit will also provide insight to the research undertaken that preceded product development, how the user experience and design was replicated in the browser extension, the structure of the style guide terms in the extension, and building for multiple language versions of the study guide (the Global Press Style Guide is offered in three languages: English, Spanish, and French).

What it looks like when you incorporate multiple languages into the browser extension
What it looks like when you incorporate multiple languages into the browser extension

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