Extreme rain: New research predicts wetter, riskier storms for much of U.S.

In the news Extreme rains are expected to increase significantly across nearly the entire continental United States, according to a government study that provides a highly detailed picture of wetter storms to come with climate change. Back story Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research said in the Dec. 5 study that extreme precipitation … Continued

In natural disasters, less resilient poor most at risk

In the news Poverty is a major factor in the death of victims of natural disasters, including those that are climate related, according to a United Nations report released on Oct. 13 in connection with the International Day for Disaster Reduction. The U.N. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction found that of the 1.35 million people … Continued

Road from Paris: Global climate deal expected to take effect soon

In the news The historic Paris Agreement is poised for enactment now that key milestones are nearly met for the number of countries taking part — including newly joined India — and for the amount of carbon emissions those countries represent. Back story When the United Nations agreed to the new climate change treaty in … Continued

Hurricane watch: Could coastal storms cost your community?

In the news Hurricane Hermine lingers in the Northeast this week after making landfall last Friday and causing damaging storm surge, strong winds and heavy rain from Florida to the coastal southeast states. As of Tuesday, the storm had taken three lives, damaged property and knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of residents. Meanwhile, … Continued

Deep South, deep risk: Region faces climate adaptation challenges

In the news President Barack Obama is to visit flood-ravaged Louisiana today in the wake of inundating high water that killed 13 people and left more than 100,000 seeking federal assistance. The Great Flood of 2016 is being called the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, with 4,000 people in shelters days … Continued

Dry spell: Covering worsening droughts

In the news A months-long drought has hit the northeastern United States, and while it’s not as dire as the West Coast’s five-year dry spell, it has stressed farms, prompted water restrictions and threatened more wildfires. It stretches from Maine to Pennsylvania and has hit Massachusetts particularly hard, as well as New Hampshire, Maine and … Continued