Amazon’s win toward drone deliveries will benefit journalists

It’s not clear who was more excited about the announcement from the FAA Monday that the agency was granting approval to retail giant Amazon to operate as an air carrier with a fleet of drone delivery vehicles: online shopping addicts or drone nerds. The move by the FAA certifies Amazon Air — the company’s name … Continued

Gimbals: Tips and tools

Overview of the three of the most popular iPhone gimbals on the market: The DJI Osmo Mobile 2, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

Tips to consider for porting real estate info to voice devices

Voice is just another interface A voice-activated device is like a browser you interact with by speaking instead of pointing and clicking. An Alexa skill or Google Assistant Action is just a thin layer that 1) defines the patterns of speech for which the device is listening; and 2) maps the components of that speech … Continued

Monetization of news

In the face of decreasing revenues and increasing costs, news agencies everywhere are exploring creative methods of extracting more funding from their products. Some methods are more suitable to larger organizations and others to smaller ones; each one has drawbacks, and for many, they are a gamble.  However, some of these gambles have become viable … Continued

Building revenue on e-Readers remains a challenge

The Newspaper Association of America featured 2010 Reynolds Fellow Sean Reily in its Spring 2010 publication. Here are excerpts from NAA’s interview: While companies like Amazon, Plastic Logic, Barnes & Noble and Sony work on improving the reading experience and functionality of their e-reader devices, publishers are wondering when (or whether) putting their content on … Continued