Maria Arce

Maria Arce, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built ARENA a toolkit for journalists to learn to work with and become radio amateurs, also known as ham radio operators, to assist in times of natural disasters. The toolkit outlines the steps and training needed and includes guidelines on replicating the radio and newsroom partnership networks she’s created in … Continued

Tamoa Calzadilla

Tamoa Calzadilla, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built the bilingual Guide for Journalists Covering Latino and Spanish-Speaking Communities (in Spanish, here). Google doc version in English, Spanish. This practical resource helps journalists improve their reporting on issues affecting Latino and Hispanic communities in the U.S. This resource provides tools and best practices to increase their impact to … Continued

Stacy Feldman

Stacy Feldman, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built the Pop-up Community Newsroom Toolkit to help small local news organizations create pop-up newsrooms with — and for — their communities. This tool helps news organizations increase their ambition and impact, while providing emerging journalists or non-journalists the opportunity to be news shapers and make a difference in their … Continued

Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built the local news go bag platform to help prepare and support local newsrooms, journalists, and communities facing and reporting on natural and environmental disasters. It offers frameworks and tools necessary to provide useful, equitable, and climate-crisis-informed coverage, particularly in news deserts and rural communities. It serves as a training … Continued

Jennifer Mizgata

Jennifer Mizgata, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, created the Building News Culture training, which is an evergreen training course delivered through six weekly newsletters. The training series provides actionable advice, templates and case studies for organizational policies, practices and programs which helps news leaders build more sustainable and caring work cultures.

Arjuna Soriano

Arjuna Soriano, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built the Community Sports Reporting toolkit and playbook. It is a local sports community engagement guide that provides step by step instructions for newsrooms to work with community reporters through SMS communication to produce high-value high school and community league sports coverage for newsrooms with limited resources.

Celia Wu

Celia Wu, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built an open-source Google Chrome extension and how-to guide that shows you how to build your own chrome extension version of your style guide. This toolkit + extension makes style guides and information more accessible for journalists and newsrooms so they can more easily incorporate specific best practices into their … Continued

Ariel Zych

Ariel Zych, 2023-24 RJI Fellow, built the Getting Started with Sensitivity Professionals toolkit to assist newsrooms in sourcing, selecting, compensating, and working with editors whose responsibility is to prevent the marginalization of specific communities and identities.