Nikki Usher

Nikki Usher is an assistant professor at The George Washington University studying for-profit startups in journalism. She was a 2014-2015 RJI Fellow.

Jaci Smith

The Faribault Daily News is a five-day daily with a circulation of 5,200 in Rice County in south central Minnesota. The paper is owned by APG Media of Southern Minnesota, a subsidiary of Adams Publishing Group, founded by Minneapolis native Stephen Adams. Jaci Smith, former managing editor of the Daily News, served as the project … Continued

Alex Remington

Alex Remington, product manager for The Washington Post, was the project leader for the newspaper’s 2014-2015 RJI institutional fellowship.

Kelsey Proud

In 2013, the St. Louis Beacon, an online newspaper, merged with St. Louis Public Radio. The two news organizations, who had collaborated on projects before the merger, realized the mission of the two organizations were similar and developed a plan to fully combine staff and efforts.  St. Louis Public Radio is owned and licensed by … Continued

Chad Martin

Chad Martin, director of social and emerging media at VML, served as project leader for VML’s 2014-2015 RJI institutional fellowship.

Conrad Jungmann

LION Digital Media is a managed digital advertising services company that provides operational efficiencies for ad agencies and marketers through every step of the digital advertising process.

Mary Grigsby

Mary Grigsby is a professor of rural sociology at the University of Missouri.

Tim Griggs

Tim Griggs is an independent consultant and advisor to media organizations, digital startups and foundations. He focuses on helping organizations with entrepreneurship, revenue growth, sustainability, product development, consumer user experience and digital strategy. He’s also the Innovator in Residence at the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin. … Continued

Jeanne Brooks

Jeanne Brooks is the director of global communities at DataKind. During her fellowship, she joined Hacks/Hackers as the first-ever executive director. Hacks/Hackers has chapters in more than 70 cities worldwide.

Bimal Balakrishnan

Bimal Balakrishnan is an associate professor in Architectural Studies at the University of Missouri. He is also the director of the Immersive Visualization Lab, where he leads development and research work. He holds a Ph.D. in mass communication, a Master of Science in architecture and a bachelor’s degree in architecture.