Kate Abbey-Lambertz

Kate Abbey-Lambertz is the co-founder and editorial director for Detour Detroit. She will build an open-source development tracker pairing city data with crowdsourced tips that empowers readers to understand and address the forces shaping their own neighborhoods. Project: Local development tracker toolkit

Liz Bloomfield

Liz Bloomfield, executive director of Ripple Effect Images, will work to harness the power of animation to deliver critical public information messages to underrepresented audiences without reliance on words. She wants to do this while establishing a collaborative model for local journalism. Project: Simply No Words, Free and accessible animation for local newsrooms

Emma Carew Grovum

Emma Carew Grovum, founder of Kimbap Media, will develop and design a playbook and curriculum for promoting and retaining journalists of color in local news. She wants to put solutions into the hands of key decision-makers, in order to promote more journalists of color into senior management and executive leadership. Project: Upward

Aaron Eaton

Aaron Eaton, digital coordinator and video producer at The Philadelphia Tribune, will build and develop a platform for independent photographers, videographers and visual journalists to license and sell their content to local newsrooms.

Erin Hooley

Erin Hooley, staff photographer at The Chicago Tribune, will create a guide and tools for newsrooms to hold regular, free community outreach sessions at venues within different neighborhoods, especially those currently underserved. The project’s goals are transparency throughout the publication process and to create a dialogue with community members about current coverage and ways to … Continued

Yukari Kane

Yukari Kane, founder and co-executive director with the Prison Journalism Project, will develop and test a framework for collaborative reporting projects with incarcerated men and women in prisons nationwide to shed light on issues in this under-reported community. Project: The Prison Journalism Navigator

Sisi Wei

Sisi Wei, Co-Executive Director at OpenNews, founded the DEI Coalition for Anti-Racist, Equitable, and Just Newsrooms. She will be working with the coalition to create resources to move toward a future where all journalists can work in newsrooms that are anti-racist, equitable, inclusive, and collaborative. Project: [Public Guide] How to turn 🔒 Private Conversations into 🌳 … Continued

Hannah Wise

Hannah Wise, social strategy editor at The New York Times, will create a toolkit that guides newsrooms through how to evaluate the accessibility of their products to the disability community and how they represent disability in their coverage. Project: Disability Matters, a toolkit to help newsrooms better serve the disability community.