The path to college starts with just one caring person

Can you remember being very young and wondering what you’d be when you grew up? My first goals were to be a cowboy, then maybe a fireman. A little later I upgraded to wanting to be the second baseman for the Detroit Tigers. These were all fine for kids. But as many of us grew … Continued

AP’s Kia Breaux passionate about helping young people pursue college dreams

“I am the end result of the Talk Story, Write Story program’s mission,” said Kia Breaux, Midwest Regional Director of The Associated Press based in her hometown of Kansas City. “I certainly could have benefited from this program, and I know many others who could have as well.” She offered her remarks during a day-long … Continued

Talk Story, Write Story demonstration project is a success story

I used my Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute fellowship this year to test my hunch that trained volunteers could successfully help financially challenged high school students write their way into college scholarships. If my theory was correct, others could do what I had loved doing, mostly alone, for nearly two decades. My Talk Story, Write … Continued

Tad’s tender trap

Originally published on The Columbia Daily Tribune website Tad Bartimus has a way of getting you tangled up in her universe. You say “yes” to some little request, and next thing you know you are helping to save the world. I first met Tad when she was an undergraduate J-School student at Mizzou and I … Continued

Program fits nicely with schools’ focus on access

Originally published on The Columbia Daily Tribune website In the Columbia Public Schools, we believe our students are our kids. We believe every one of our kids is entitled to A.E.O. — Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity. Three simple words, and each one denotes access. Access to a great teacher who will nurture and develop our … Continued

The possibilities are endless

Originally published on The Columbia Daily Tribune website Looking back on this academic year, I am most proud of my time with the Talk Story, Write Story program. I knew it was going to be a huge inaugural undertaking but had no idea how much this scholarship effort would consume my life. From Day One, … Continued