Privacy: The evolving meaning of a single word for our networked news and information economy

Privacy. It’s hard to think of another word that is simultaneously at the center of journalism, technology and Internet policy. Privacy is increasingly thought of broadly, and encompasses trust and networks. It’s a big story now, involving the White House, Edward Snowden, data breaches and research. Balancing identity, marketing and privacy is a quagmire for … Continued

David Cohn: Circa’s mobile approach: The structure and form of news re-thought

David Cohn Director of News, Circa; 2010-2011 Reynolds Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute David Cohn is the director of news for Circa, a mobile-first newsroom and pioneer of the “follow” feature for news arcs. Previously, he founded the first platform to crowdfund for independent reporting projects and was a pioneer in crowdsourced journalism. Cohn has written … Continued