FL#188: Assembling social posts with Roundabout

(Video missing) Roundabout is a tool for creating customized, continually updated feeds of social media content from multiple accounts and platforms. The resulting collection of posts can be embedded within a webpage, enabling online viewers to see the grouped social media content all in one place. We find out how it works from Chief Executive … Continued

Structured journalism puts consumers in control of news

In September I wrote about the economics of structured journalism, highlighting the potential for newsrooms to rebundle news as value-accumulating networks of structured information. But what is the market for structure? Why would news consumers want such a radically different way of formatting and consuming news? Why would customers care? Choice. Article-centric journalism has traditionally … Continued

Need for speed 2: Newspaper data diving, metrics and methodologies

Welcome to the weeds, fellow bit-twisters and data divers. We can chat here without worrying about the numeracy nonbelievers. This post details the methodologies used in “Need for speed 1: Newspaper load times give ‘slow news days’ new meaning.” First, you and I both know “load time” is a fickle metric, completely dependent on the … Continued

New RJI Fellow to develop suite of apps to help streamline workflow of community journalists

A 2015-2016 RJI Fellow wants to streamline the workflow in small- to mid-sized newsrooms by creating apps to assist journalists in their day-to-day tasks. These tasks could range from fact-checking and finding free images to creating immersive multimedia presentations and previewing mobile versions of their articles. The project will put “big-media tools” into the hands … Continued

RJI Fellow’s oral history website shares stories, challenges and inspirations of female journalists

An oral history website chronicling female journalists’ fight for gender equality in the Fourth Estate launches today. Herstory tells the stories of 34 veteran female journalists and the challenges, struggles and triumphs they faced in a historically male-dominated profession. The women were interviewed as part of the 2013-2014 RJI Fellowship of Yong Volz, an associate … Continued